The diverse sovereignties have made this structure particular, especially from an architectural point of view. Different works carried out over the centuries yet well harmonized, culminating into the magnificent Baroque Royal Palace of the House of Bourbon, La Reggia di Caserta.

The Reggia di Caserta and its majestic park are two jewels of unparalleled splendor which were placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1997.

The construction of the royal palace was entrusted to the architect Luigi Vanvitelli by Charles III of Spain in 1700.

Vanvitelli so decided to plan and design the majestic Reggia taking great care in each single detail, giving life to a true work of art in a triumph of Baroque and Rococo styles with neoclassical elements.

The idea of the project was to blend the beauty of Versailles’ Royal Palace in France and Madrid’s Royal Site of San Lorenzo de El Escorial in Spain. Splendor, luxury, harmony and balance were intended to shine everywhere and in every corner of the sought court. Magnificence had to reign supreme.

The Royal Palace in Caserta is the largest in the world. Inside, it is said to have around 1,200 rooms all with direct views of the park for a total of over 45,0000 square meters and is situated over 5 floors.

The extremely long Park includes a characteristic boulevard of over 3km and is flanked by lush trees. It has six fountains and numerous sculptures inspired by ancient Greek mythology.

Of considerable beauty are the fountains including: the Margherita Fountain, the Fountain of the Three Dolphins and the Fountain of Venus and Adonis. Continuing on the right of the Fountain of Venus and Adonis, it is possible to visit the grand and characteristic “English Garden” located near the large waterfall.

On your visit, you’ve got to visit the beautiful medieval village of Casertavecchia with its numerous churches and ancient buildings. Enriched by these wonderful structures, this charming City has definitely become an interesting destination; it can easily be reached with public transport leaving from Naples and lies about 70 km from Meta.

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